5 Simple Ways to Feed Baby While Feeding Yourself

October 15, 2010

Through all of my experience—earning an MA in child development, working with other child development experts, consulting with nutritionists, pediatricians and even a nutritional anthropologist—I’ve come up with one of the most important ways to help children develop healthy eating habits.


(Drumroll, please!)

Share ONE healthy meal for all—baby, toddler, big kid, parents—from your child’s very first bites.

Today I’ve had the honor of guest posting 5 Simple Ways to Feed Baby While Feeding Yourself on one of my favorite food sites, Simple Bites. My tips are intended to help you easily make one meal that can be shared and enjoyed by parents and baby (and everyone between), alike. And, of course, I get into why it’s so important.

So, GO. Read up. Tell us what you think and share your favorite thing to feed baby and yourself. Then, look around Simple Bites. If you aren’t already a fan, I guarantee you’ll be adding a new site to your reader.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Finally a logical, no nonsense approach to feeding babies! I couldn’t agree more. Feeding babies is not complicated and only requires a bit of common sense and planning. I always try and follow the ‘fresh is best’ rule. I let my 10 month old try lots of different foods, I don’t short order cook and I’ve never bothered with jarred baby food or any other special ‘baby’ foods. I try and cook meals that both my husband, my son and I can share together. We add spice, we cook lots of different vegetables and we try lots of new fruits. I never pressure my son to eat anything and instead let him play with, explore, taste and have fun with his food. Letting him take the lead with feeding means all of us enjoy meal times plus my son gets to stay in control, learn new feeding skills and gains independence. It’s a win-win situation. Plus we are having lots of fun with food!

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